Sunflower Thorn Remover

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. –Abraham Lincoln

Flowers have a natural defense against pests, which are the spiny stem growths called thorns. Technically they are prickles, part of the stem epidermis. Rose thorns help their flowers drink water When roses are cut for display in vases, the thorns are often removed to make handling them less hazardous. All of the thorns may be removed, or the thorns above the waterline may be kept. When removing thorns from rose stems for flower arrangements, be careful not to damage the stem, so the flower arrangement will bloom to its fullest. 

How To Remove Thorns From Flowers

1, Layout the cut roses that need to be de-thorned. Put on thick gloves to avoid being pricked by the thorns.

2. Hold the Sunflower Thorn Remover just below the flower.

3. Simply clamp this tool around the stem of a rose and pull down in one swift motion to remove all of the thorns! Easy peasy! 

4. It has a spring to return it to the open position with each use.

5. It may take a few tries to get the right pressure, so make sure to apply less pressure first and then a little bit more with each try so you ensure that you never apply too much pressure to damage the rose.

Roses should be placed in a cool area that does not receive direct sunlight. Air movement can accelerate water evaporation and cause the roses to become dry, so the vase should be placed out of the way of heating or air conditioning vents.

Given proper attention, the floral arrangement will stay beautiful for up to a week or longer!

Sunflower Thorn remover is a necessary tool for all those involved in flower arranging and can be easily bought online from

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