The water soaking time usually varies between 45 seconds to 60 seconds.

It is a misconception that if the foam takes longer than usual range (45-60 seconds) the quality of foam is not good. Longer duration (upto 120 seconds) for water absorption has no impact on its performance. But if a foam absorbs water too quickly it would have a tendency to drain water also.

Please Note: soaking time also varies with the temperature of water used. Too cold water would prolong the saturation time and warm water would rush the saturation time.

No, it is only for visuals. The color of the foam has nothing to do with its performance. However it is always recommended to store floral foam in cool, dark locations (not under direct sunlight). The foam would change its color to brown if it is brought in contact with sunlight for prolonged duration.

One should be very careful while handling the floral foam boxes. While transporting floral foam boxes we should handle them with care and avoid its falling on floor, as this usually bends the corner of the box and forcefully compresses the foam inside the box making it spongy.

Sometimes people have tendency to sit on the floral foam boxes which again leads to high chances of making the foam spongy.

The Basic difference between the 3 grades is its difference in hardness levels which means the standard is the softest foam and the deluxe is comparatively the hardest foam. We gets flowers of all kinds like Gerberas, tulips have usually a hollow softer stems. Then we have flowers like lilies and roses whose stems are solid and comparatively stiffer. Then we have flowers like Bird of paradise, gladiolas which have thicker stems and to hold such flowers we need harder grade of floral foam.

Choice of floral foam grade sometimes also depends on the size of floral arrangements made. The bigger the arrangements and harder the floral foam we should use.

Probably you have chosen the wrong grade of floral foam. Please refer to the above query.
Actually Yes. If the Floral foam is stocked in perfect conditions the floral foam does not go bad for months.

Floral foam is not a substitute for water. Water must be added daily to  replenish the supply due to the evaporation process and consumed by flowers. Also one should try and use only soft water for soaking  floral foam and hard water contains high concentration of  soluble salts which is not good for the flower life.

All the grades manufactured by sunflower are higher in density compared to other foam available in the market, which makes the sunflower floral foam re-usable and non-fragmented when pierced from all angles with excellent grip around the flower stems.

For any customer to buy any product there are only 3 parameters:

  • Quality: Using the best technology, best raw materials sunflower offers the highest quality of floral foam
  • Price: With the business strategy of low profits high volume we insure the product is sold at a very competitive price.
  • Availability: With current production capacity of 5,000 boxes  (expandable to 10,000 boxes) in one day we guarantee the availability of the foam every time

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