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Floral Backdrops 


Flowers, being an imperative part of Indian weddings, wedding decorators are constantly coming up with breathtakingly innovative floral decoration ideas. And one such is the trend of flower-embedded walls. Unique flower walls provide a gorgeous backdrop for your shower, ceremony, photo booth, lounge area, or sweetheart table. They’re customizable, making high-end décor so easy.


Gone are the days when floral background wall was made using the conventional method of cutting multiple foam bricks and pasting them or taped or tied to a base, which became an extremely costly and time-consuming affair. 


We at Sunflower Floral Products identified this common problem and thus decided to launch Sunflower Deco-Pad Series to give the florist plug-and-play solution 


The Deco-Pad series is extremely useful for making big Floral Backdrops and Floral Ceilings. It can easily hold enough water for the flowers to stay fresh for a long time, with the draining also being less in comparison to the ordinary floral foam.

How to use:

  • Tie the sheet to a frame where the backdrop needs to be erected.
  • Sprinkle or spray water on the sheet attached to the frame (it is difficult to tie the wet sheet which becomes heavy with water weight and chances are high of it breaking)
  • Once the Sunflower Floral Foam soaks enough water, remove it from water, keep it aside to drain the excess water.
  • When the excess water is drained out you can start decorating it with fresh flowers.
  • Fresh flowers will remain hydrated for 7-8 days, continue to add water daily.

Size Available:


Sunflower Deco-Pad Sheets can be easily bought online from


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